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Assistant to the CFO
Publisher:七星科技   Date:2016-11-08  
Job responsibilities:

1. Be familiar with national laws and regulations on finance and economics; respect all rules and regulations of enterprise;
2. Help the Group CFO to do daily management work of the Financial Department;
3. Assist in establishing and improving relevant rules and regulations, standardized processes and management systems on financial management;
4. Summarize, audit and offer proposals on statements and data submitted to the CFO;
5. Assist the CFO in organizing completion of IPO-related work so as to promote IPO progress; 
6. Collate audit and high-tech enterprise information and review external accounting information provided by the company;
7. Be responsible for auditing accounting statements submitted by the company home office and all subordinate units as well as group company, and preparing comprehensive financial analysis reports and specific analysis reports so as to provide reliable basis for company’s leaders to make a decision;
8. Be responsible for compiling financing and credit plans for company and cooperating with the CFO to finish financing work, supervise and manage fund flow and use;
9. Assist the CFO in carrying out comprehensive budget management; be responsible for supervising and evaluating budget performance; help or organize financial staff of company to handle significant financial accounting matters;
10. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


1. Younger than 35 years old; more than 5 years of working experience in financial management; have semi-senior accountant title;
2. A person with working experience in financial management of new high-tech enterprises or listed companies is preferred;
3. Be familiar with relevant laws and regulations on accounting, auditing, tax administration, financial management and others;
4. Have a good command of management information system, Yongyou U8 financial software and office software;
5. Have stronger expression and writing abilities as well as collaboration ability; be good at planning and executing;
6. Be honest, dedicated and optimistic; dare to innovate; have stronger anti-pressure and communication ability;
7. Negotiable salary; salary range: 5000-8000.

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